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The Design Anthology Awards
Recognising design across Asia

Across Asia, countries and cities are competing to become design hubs, attract design talent and be seen as more creative than their rivals. This has brought a renewed focus to design as a byword for the way we live. As an established authority in Asian design, we want to celebrate and showcase regional talent through the design awards. The awards will acknowledge the importance of design in today’s culture and industry, and recognise the talent and vision in the region.


Our Difference

Why the Awards?

When we launched Design Anthology, we recognised that the market for design magazines was saturated, but we saw a need for something new, original and with integrity. In the past four years we have used these principles to garner the respect of the design industry around the region.

Similarly, we realise that there are already other awards programmes, but we see the need to award originality and substance. As an established authority on design in Asia, we are in a unique position to be able to shine a light on deserving talents in a much more meaningful way beyond the magazine.