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The Design Anthology Awards 2019 aim to recognise exceptional work in the fields of architecture, interior and product design, and to recognise individuals and organisations that are actively working to change the public’s perceptions of what Asian design means today. Please keep an eye out for the Design Anthology Awards 2020.


Eligibility criteria


  • Must have graduated university in a design-related field (except for the Vanguard and the Ambassador)

  • Must be working as a design professional within Asia

  • May be individuals or groups

  • Must be designers except in the case of the Ambassador

  • Must pay an entry fee of HKD$1,000

  • There are no age restrictions for the awards, ONLY for the Emerging Talent Award, the designer must be under 35 and have their own practice


  • Must be original

  • Must be located / created in Asia

  • Must demonstrate artistic intent in addition to technical proficiency

  • Must be innovative in the sense that it updates tradition

  • Places must be in Asia and must have been completed between December 2016 and June 2018

  • Products must have been designed between December 2016 and June 2018, and can be a prototype or in production

  • Submissions of Interior projects must be furnished

Submission guidelines

  • Please keep in mind the submission deadline. A discount will apply to entries submitted before 1 August 2018. Entries close on 30 September 2018.

  • Each entry is limited to one Award. If you would like to submit a project to multiple Awards you will need to enter multiple times. If entering the same project in multiple Awards, a fee for each entry will apply.

  • Please be sure to read our Terms & Conditions carefully, as not following our guidelines can result in a disqualification.

  • For Places and Product submissions, you must remove all names on your materials (i.e. your own name, client names) to maintain anonymity in the judging process.

  • If submitting as a partnership or group, it is the group’s responsibility to choose one lead entrant who will be the contact for the Awards process and to provide his or her contact information with the entry. If a design is submitted by multiple people it may be disqualified. It is the group’s responsibility to ensure that all members understand and comply with the conditions of entry including the publicity & copyright terms.

  • Awards in the People category will only be awarded to individuals. While entrants/nominees may work as part of a group, group nominations will not be accepted for these awards.

  • All submissions must be accompanied by 6-10 photographs, which in the case of transformative works can include photography of the ‘before’ state. Entrants must ensure that the images are relevant to the category, i.e. Interior award submissions should be images of the interior only, Architecture submissions should be of the exterior with select interior images that convey the architectural language and concept intended. Photographs must be genuine, and not renderings, though photographs with minor retouching are acceptable. Hand drawings will not be accepted. Strong imagery is crucial to the judging process, so images must be representative of the project and high-quality. Landscape (horizontal) format images are preferred.

  • For architecture, interior design projects, furniture, lighting and accessories, you can also submit up to 5 drawings in vector-based pdf format (e.g. floor plans, site plans, sections, elevations, production drawings, model drawings). For buildings, these must include a north point, scale bar and key. Hand drawings and renderings will not be accepted.

  • For the People awards, entrants can nominate themselves or a third party. Images should include a portrait of the person nominated along with some examples of recent work.

  • Please date all images using YYYYMM in the file name, e.g. ‘Interior-1_201803.jpg’.

  • Images must be no less than 3000px wide at full size, and be suitable for printing.

  • Entrants may also submit a 90-second video by uploading it to YouTube, Vimeo or a similar site and including the URL with their entry.

  • Written statements should be in English and no longer than 600 words. Entrants are advised to save their written statements in a separate document before uploading to the submission portal in case of any technical issues. Please include the following:


  1. Provide an explanation, and examples, of how the nominated person has contributed to the evolution of contemporary design or architecture in Asia

  2. For the ‘Female Designer’ award please also explain why this person stands out from their peers and how they contribute to their industry as a whole

  3. For the ‘Vanguard’ award please also explain how the nominated person displays a unique and visionary approach to their work, and how their work redefines design in Asia

  4. For the ‘Ambassador’ award please explain how this individual (who may work as part of a group) works to raise the profile of design in Asia, and / or promotes and represents Asian design abroad, and why their work is an outstanding contribution to the industry

  5. For the ‘Emerging Talent’ award, please also explain how this individual or collective displays potential for further development and commercial success


  1. Provide a short summary of the project including the client brief, name and location of project, project objectives, design concept, materiality, special site constraints or considerations, challenges faced and overcome (e.g. budgetary), spatial planning and volume, material strategy, budget, collaborations, date of completion, etc.

  2. Explain any environmental considerations, e.g. new innovations or technologies utilised that may be energy saving or sustainability principles

  3. Describe how the project contributes to the evolution of contemporary design / architecture in Asia

  4. Explain how the project addresses the judging criteria


  1. Provide a short summary of the product including the ideation process, design concept, purpose of the product (i.e. what problem does it solve?),  materiality, production process, distribution method and sales platforms

  2. Explain any energy saving features, environmental considerations (e.g. new materials or technologies),  sustainability principles

  3. Describe how the product contributes to the evolution of contemporary design in Asia

  4. Explain how the product addresses the judging criteria